The sun rises. And closes.

As always:
NO artificial sweeteners
NO artificial flavors
NO artificial colors or preservatives

Delicious refreshment for on-the-go

The sun rises. And closes.

4 good reasons to pick the tall Capri-Sun

Kira mit drehbarem Capri-Sonne Verschluss

#1: The twist-off cap

We’ve made Capri-Sonne Big Size for everybody that spends lots of time on-the-go: an extra measure of delicious Capri-Sonne and a leak-proof cap for the long haul. Twist open. Enjoy. Twist closed. Back in the bag. Big Size refreshment with no mess!
Capri Sonne Orange Peach am Strand

#2: Flexible and sturdy

Did you know? Capri-Sonne Big Size pouch bends to every occasion, fitting perfectly into any rucksack, any pocket and, of course, every hand. ‘On-the-go’ is Capri-Sonne Big Size’s middle name, and it’s flexible and sturdy enough to withstand tight places and tough terrain. Zero weight when empty – the pouch lies flat. No fuss, no deposit!
Große Capri-Sonne Produkt-Range am Strand

#3 The taste

Taste comes first. And Capri-Sonne Big Size tastes terrific. Naturally. With a bit of nostalgia and the flavors of today, Capri-Sonne Big Size comes in its own tangy taste range. No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colorings to cloud your day. Try them all and discover your personal taste of sunshine! 
Kira und Laura am Strand mit Capri-Sonne

#4: Celebrity fans

The German National Beach Volleyball Team players Kira Walkenhorst and Laura Ludwig are dedicated fans of the new Capri-Sonne Big Size. Both of these top athletes are continually touring and find the new size and new flavors super when on-the-go. Anywhere around the world, Capri-Sonne Big Size is their trusted thirst quencher. 
The tall Capri-Sun - now in cinemas!
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On Tour with Kira and Laura

Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst, two of the best German beach volleyball players , love to be #ontour with the tallCapri-Sun

For everybody that is constantly on-the-go. For #ontour. For you.