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What varieties are available to you?

In Nigeria, Capri-Sonne 200 ml pouch is available in Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Multivitamin, Fan Drink and Tropical fruit flavors.

Why are there always so many different varieties worldwide?

We’re always on the lookout for new trends and flavors for you. We can also promise you there’s a flavor for everyone. And to ensure that’s the case everywhere, we pursue the international aim of providing flavors that appeal to the people of each country. As such, the recipe can also vary slightly from one country to the next.

What were the first Capri-Sonne varieties?

Capri-Sonne launched with the varieties Orange and Lemon in 1969, and a lot has happened since then. If you’d like to find out more, simply click your way through our history.

Which countries is Capri-Sonne available in?

You can purchase Capri-Sonne in more than 100 countries round the world and it’s popular among young and old alike. Capri-Sonne is manufactured at our headquarters in Eppelheim near Heidelberg, Germany, for the German market and many other European countries. But Capri-Sonne is also produced for 23 other countries, including the US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China and Ukraine.

Why does Capri-Sonne taste different in different countries?

Flavor preferences are not only different among people, but also vary considerably from one region to the next. We want to provide something that appeals to the people of each country, which is why there’s not a single Capri-Sonne recipe, but a variety of recipes specially developed for each country. The secret recipe is sometimes also altered slightly or an entirely new variety is created. There are more than 20 different recipes for Capri-Sonne Orange. And did you know that Capri-Sonne is available in other countries in the flavors strawberry-kiwi, pineapple and mango?


What’s inside the Capri-Sonne?

We’re meticulous in the selection of our fruit and ingredients. Only top-quality ingredients find their way into the pouch. In addition to fruit juice concentrate, the Capri-Sonne pouch contains water, natural flavors and a little sugar. We stick to our motto, ‘Natural fun’: from the very start, we’ve produced our Capri-Sonne without preservatives and artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

Why doesn’t Capri-Sonne use any sweeteners?

We take the quality promise we make to consumers very seriously, which is why we only use natural ingredients in the production of Capri-Sonne in Germany. And that means no sweeteners.

How do you make the classic Capri-Sonne?

Unlike fruit juices, fruit juice drinks such as the Capri-Sonne 200 ml are made from raw materials. These contain fruit juice concentrate sourced from the best fruit as well as natural flavors, which for instance are extracted from plants and not manufactured chemically. That makes the product taste even fruitier! The ingredients are mixed with water and a little sugar, heated and then fed into the pouch. Depending on the variety, a Capri-Sonne features juice content between 10 and 12 per cent.

How much sugar does Capri-Sonne contain?

Capri-Sonne Tropical in Nigeria for instance contains 13 g of sugar per 100 ml, whereas the Capri-Sonne Apple has 10 g of sugar per 100 ml.

Can diabetics drink Capri-Sonne?

Most Capri-Sonne varieties contain less than 10 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml. Our website contains nutritional information for each of our products, which diabetics can use to calculate the units of carbohydrates relevant to them.

How many calories does Capri-Sonne have?

Each pouch features a nutrition information label, which also specifies how many calories your variety contains. But generally speaking, you could say that most Capri-Sonne varieties contain 41 to 45 calories (kcal) per 100 ml, which is comparable to apple juice (approx. 46 kcal) and less than whole milk (68 kcal). These figures should always be examined in relationship to personal energy requirements – it goes without saying that, the bigger you are or more you move the more energy you need.

Does Capri-Sonne contain vitamins?

As the name suggests, the Capri-Sonne 200ml Multivitamin variety is packed full of vitamins, many of which we added ourselves. All the other varieties contain the vitamins that naturally occur in the fruit juices.

Where does the delicious fruit used in Capri-Sonne come from?

The fruit used to create Capri-Sonne comes from just about all over the world: we source our oranges primarily from Brazil, where the sun shines year round, the berries from Eastern Europe and our exotic fruits from Asia.

Does Capri-Sonne contain alcohol?

Capri-Sonne is a non-alcoholic beverage. Non-alcoholic beverages have been proven to contain minute traces of alcohol, as the flavors used are dissolved in alcohol. Alcohol is a natural metabolic product of fruit and traces are found in every fruit and fruit juice. However, the amount is so insignificant that fruit juice drinks can be declared non-alcoholic.

Is Capri-Sonne gluten-free?

Good news for gluten-intolerant customers: the codex says yes! According to the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius, Capri-Sonne is categorised as gluten-free. All the varieties can also be found on the German Coeliac Society’s List of Gluten-Free Foods.

And what about lactose?

No Capri-Sonne products contain lactose, nor is any added

Does Capri-Sonne contain allergens?

Good news for people who suffer from allergies: no Capri-Sonne varieties contain any of the allergens which have to be listed on labels in Nigeria. But if you suffer from certain food allergies, you should read the list of ingredients. There you can find out exactly what each variety contains.

Where does the water used in Capri-Sonne come from?

Only water sourced from certified wells. The water undergoes regular microbiological and chemical testing by our internal laboratory as well as official authorities.

What does the best-before date mean?

The best-before date of a food refers to the date until which the food, if stored properly, will maintain its specific characteristics. The best-before date of Capri-Sonne is carefully calculated. Our unopened products and pouches will maintain their superior quality until the best-before date specified.

How much should I allow my child to drink?

Thirst is very much a personal issue. Most of us only experience thirst when hydration levels are already too low, which is why you should drink before you get thirsty. While mineral water and unsweetened fruit and herbal teas are the best way to quench thirst, diluted juices, fruit spritzers and fruit juice drinks offer a good alternative. Children ten and under should drink one litre a day, whilst children aged 11 to 15 require one and a half litres. That’s a lot. You can ensure a little variation every day by offering a variety of beverages.


Who came up with the ingenious idea of a pouch?

Our company founder Rudolf Wild invented the Capri-Sonne pouch. After all, he not only had good taste and a thirst for new drinks, but also lots of great ideas. The Capri-Sonne pouch is now patented and unique in its quality.

Which pouch sizes are available?

The first one to hit the scene was the Capri-Sonne 200 ml pouch with the orange straw, which many parents will be able to remember from their childhood. In Nigeria, Capri-Sonne is available in the classic 200 ml pouch with straw.

Why does Capri-Sonne only com in pouches?

The flexible pouch is not only the Capri-Sonne trademark, but also offers lots of benefits: it’s lightweight, durable and practical, and therefore ideal for just about any adventure. No bottle can claim the same. It’s also eco-friendly, so it doesn’t require a deposit.

What´s the pouch made from?

The secret behind our lightweight, flexible pouch is the robust laminated foil, which comprises three wafer-thin layers. Plastic on the outside provides the necessary stability, aluminium protects the sensitive contents from oxygen and light, and the third layer (also plastic) maintains the flavor inside. Still, the pouch is a lightweight: including the straw, the classic Capri-Sonne pouch weighs in at just 4.05 g, making it lighter than a normal piece of A4 paper. Click here if you’d like to find out more:

Is the Capri-Sonne pouch eco-friendly?

Yes! We keep energy and material consumption down as low as possible when manufacturing our pouches. Cut up into little pieces, the pouch including straw could fit inside the screw cap of a deposit bottle – that’s just how small it is. Calculated on a basis of 1,000 l, we use no more packaging material than required for glass bottles used up to 25 times. The principle of ‘Lots of refreshment in a minimum of packaging’ also offers benefits during transport. While a truck full of Capri-Sonne transports nearly 94% beverage and just 6% packaging, a truck with deposit bottles transports just about 48% beverage and approximately 52% packaging.

How does the Capri-Sonne find its way into the pouch?

Now that’s a hot topic! We fill the pouch with the fruit juice drink at over 80 °C, so Capri-Sonne doesn’t require any additional preservatives and stays fresh a lot longer. The airtight pouch is then sealed and the straw affixed. That’s it! Incidentally, most of the work is carried out by machines we developed ourselves.

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Corporate social responsibility / sponsoring

What projects does Capri-Sonne support?

We’re very aware of our responsibility towards society and have carefully followed developments and discussions over the years. As a brand whose products are very popular among kids, we primarily want to support projects that benefit children and teens. We’re active in many different segments, ranging from sport to educational projects. You can find more information here on the website.

Can you sponsor our event, association, initiative or prize draw?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we’ve already planned out our sponsorship and support activities well into the future. As part of these agreements, we’ve already been supporting a selection of charitable organisations and our own initiatives for many years. We currently do not operate a merchandise shop and do not distribute promotional items. Because we already support a selection of charitable associations and events ever year, we unfortunately cannot supply any more items as prizes. But thank you for your interest all the same.


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