Naturalness and quality guarantee

‘Natural fun’ isn’t just a saying at Capri-Sonne. It’s our credo. That’s why Capri-Sonne is always made without artificial aromas, flavors or colorings – and, of course, no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. To guarantee that our products remain consistently delicious, we keep a very close watch on our ingredients. Only the best fruits and juices are good enough to bear the name Capri-Sonne. And that’s a promise!

That’s not just something we say about ourselves. Our German Headquarter is regularly controlled by the independent Fresenius Institute. They only bestow the Fresenius seal of quality on products that earn it. They check us out regularly – and just as regularly, they renew their seal on the Capri-Sonne pouch. Something we’re mighty proud of! Of course, we are also audited regularly according to the ISO and IFS standards.
School classes and visiting groups are welcome to come by for a tour of our facilities!

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