Our packaging concept

Colorful with a silvery shine, flexible but sturdy – that’s the Capri-Sonne pouch. Capri-Sonne and its unique pouch are inseparable. Ever since day one, clever packaging concepts have been our trademark. Our driver for innovation has always been the question: Can we do it better? Because packaging is so important to us, we’ve put a lot of effort into its perfection:

An orange straw as the key to success

Everything began with the small Capri-Sonne pouch. The beverage in the stand-up pouch with the orange straw is a whole lot of fun to drink. Which kid hasn’t drunk the last drop with a loud slurping sound and then blown up the pouch and popped it – because it was fun?

Great taste is ours

The secret of our light and flexible but very stable pouch is the super-robust laminated foil made of three ultra-thin foil layers. These preserve the taste and freshness like an impenetrable shield.

None is better

The outer foil, weighing less than 0.6 grams, is resistant to scratches, tears, light and other outside influences. The Capri-Sonne pouch passes our personal rucksack test with flying color! The middle layer is made of shiny aluminium and a mere eight micrometres thick! Imagine: it takes 125 of these foil layers on top of each other to achieve a thickness of just one millimeter. That’s what we call thin! The polyethylene layer on the inside of the pouch protects the famous Capri-Sonne taste. An absolute lightweight at just 2.39 grams that will never weigh you down.

We put Capri-Sonne into the pouches

To make sure everything goes according to our expectations, we package all Capri-Sonne products using own advanced machinery. Our affiliate company INDAG produces the filling machines exactly to our specifications (www.wild-indag.de) . Capri-Sonne is unique in that we develop every step in our production systems ourselves.

In outer space

In the year 2009, we developed a pouch for real astronauts. Since 2010, these pouches – optimised for use in outer space for the European Space Administration (ESA) – have been in use at the International Space Station (ISS). If that isn’t cool …

The 200 ml pouch

All-natural fun

The original: the 200 ml pouch with drinking straw offers just the right-sized portion of refreshment after exercise and physical activity. - Lighter than a sheet of paper - Totally flexible - Super-easy opening for no-mess enjoyment

An ecological advantage

Lighter packaging needs less space and saves fuel during transport. This is one of the reasons why Capri-Sonne was rated ‘ecologically advantageous’ by Ministry of the Environment back in 2003. Read more about packaging and the environment here.