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Capri-Sun Orange shines in the following countries: India, Jamaica, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Aserbaidschan, Estonia, Latvia, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Poland, Spain and many more!

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Capri-Sun Multivitamin shines in the following countries: Germany, Guinea, Korea, South Africa, Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, French West Indies, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and many more!
Capri-Sun White Grape shines in the following country: China!

Get your fruit on!

Capri-Sun Mystic Dragon shines in the following countries: Jamaica, Mexico, Réunion, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine!
Capri-Sun Strawberry shines in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates!
Capri-Sun Super Kids shines in the following countries: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine!