How we make Capri-Sonne

Capri-Sonne and its unique pouch are inseparable. Since day one, this ever-popular beverage has been produced exclusively on the machines of the Wild-INDAG Company, and today is made locally in 22 countries around the world.

From high-tech foil to the unique pouch

Pouch production begins with a preprinted foil for the Capri-Sonne packaging. At rapid speed, this high-tech foil is formed into the world famous, stand-up Capri-Sonne pouch. Only the top of the pouch is left open, waiting to be filled with the delicious, fruity contents.
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Capri-Sonne enters the pouch

The next step is exciting. Capri-Sonne is poured into the opening at the top of the pouch. And it is HOT – almost 80°C. This is how Capri-Sonne can be made without preservatives while staying fresh and delicious with a long best-before date. Finally, the pouch is vacuum-sealed and plunged into a bath of cold water to cool it down before travelling on its way to you!

Capri-Sonne on its way to you

Just before leaving the production line, your Capri-Sonne pouch gets its drinking straw, and the Capri-Sonne Spouted Pouch its twist-off cap. Then the pouches are placed fully automatically in the well-known, stabile Capri-Sonne cartons and packed on palettes for shipment, leaving the Wild-INDAG Company on trucks travelling far and wide to bring their delicious product to kids – and young-at-heart adults – everywhere. In compliance with our environmental policy, ‘Lots of refreshment in minimal packaging’, we optimally load our Capri-Sonne trucks with 93.9% product and a mere 6.1% packaging. With our unique pouch form, we’re "world champions" when it comes to efficient packaging – a fact we’re mighty proud of!